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About the Project

Althea reached out to me for help to create a brand identity and website for her new business. She was the owner of another business but wanted to create a brand that she felt even more proud of but wanted the same popularity and  traction that her old business had, especially online.

She wanted help with strategy and design, that would resonate with her current clients and attract more of her ideal customers.

My process/ What I did

Phase 1: Research and Brand Strategy

Phase 2: Create Brand Identity

Phase 3: Research and Website Strategy

Phase 4: Design & Develop Website

Phase 5: Launch


  • Brand Strategy & Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
  • Business Card
  • Website Strategy and Website.


1 Month: Althea reported that within the first 4 weeks of launching she already started to receive inquiries from more qualified leads through her website. 

3 Months: Althea reported that she has been receiving more inquiries than she did from her old website, Wedding Wire and social media combined.

She reported an estimated 200% Increase in revenue in the first quarter of this year (2022) than she made last quarter with her old brand.

About the Project

Client Testimonial

"My new website and brand are so bomb! I recently closed my business of over 7 years and I was a bit nervous because my old brand was pretty popular and already ranking number one in search on google. It's safe to say that my new branding and website are well received by my old clients and I notice I have been attracting way more of the type of clients that I really want to work with. After just a couple of months of launching my website, I'm already getting more leads than I used to on my old website! I am so happy and confident with my new look. I also feel very pleased about the constant new bookings that I've been getting through my website."
-Althea Forbes (Makeup Artist)
Founder of Luxe Beauty Maven

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